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From Drive Thru to Job Done. Enjoy the convenience of Marvin's drive thru lumber yard.

Unlike other home improvement stores, Marvin's makes it simple when shopping for lumber and building materials. Not only do we have one of the most complete assortments of products, but we know that no one wants to load lumber twice – so we take that step out. Just use your car or truck as your shopping cart. Drive In, Load Up, Check Out. It's that simple. Our friendly outdoor store associates will be glad to help you load your purchase.

And if your purchase is too big to pick up on your own, ask an associate about delivery.

Step 1 - Drive In

Drive your vehicle into our Drive-Thru Outdoor Store & don't forget to pick up a self-select ticket as you enter.


Step 2 - Load Up

Why load it more than once? Put it right into your vehicle the first time. Choose from our top quality lumber & landscaping materials. A friendly Marvin's associate will be happy to assist you.


Step 3 - Pay The Cashier

Check out inside, either before or after you load up.


Step 4 - Drive Out