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August Plant of the Month: Lantana

Lantana (Lantana camara)

Lantana is a hardy, sun-loving perennial flowering shrub. At first glance, Lantana looks like a vine, which lends itself to being placed in hanging pots, but it is quite accustomed to being a ground plant. Lantana blooms prodigiously beginning in the spring and lasting until the first frost. Their blooms attract many butterflies and bees.

spray bottleGROWING TIPS:

Plant Lantana just after the last frost of spring. They thrive on sunlight, so pick your placement accordingly.

Although Lantana can tolerate most soil types, if you're looking for the best blooms, you should know they favor a slightly acidic growing medium. So mulch them with pine needles, and they will be thrilled indeed.

New plants need frequent watering, but once they've settled in a good soaking once a week will do the trick.


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Fun Facts:

  • Lantana can produce up to 12,000 seeds from one plant in a year!
  • Lantana belongs to the verbena family.
  • Lantana is a perennial shrub with approximately 150 species.
  • Birds love the fruits of the Lantana. They're black with just one seed. Thanks to the birds, Lantana volunteers have a tendency to pop up anywhere. 
  • Marvin's has Lantana for just $3.99!