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Time for a new washer and dryer? Marvin's is here to help!

Choosing a new washer and dryer can be an expensive and daunting project.  With so many choices out there, we're here to help make this project easy!

Consider your family's needs in terms of capacity, settings, and water & energy efficiency. Clothing that requires special care calls for a washing machine with a Delicates cycle; stains and allergens require steam. If you regularly wash bulky items, consider a large-capacity washer. Top-loading washers tend not to be as energy-efficient as front loaders, but a front-loader typically has a longer wash cycle, which is gentler on your clothing.


Spring CleaningCapacity should be one of your first considerations when choosing a washer. Most washers measure in kilograms, which is the weight of the (dry) laundy load the machine can comfortably & efficiently clean without spending too much time, power, or water.  On average 1kg of laundry is about 5 shirts or 1 shirt and a pair of jeans or 2 bath towels.

TIP: High capacity washers are larger and heavier, so be sure to double-check dimensions before you buy so you know it will fit in your laundry room!


While many programs on a washing machine aren't necessary, you might choose one machine over another for a specific program that appeals to your needs.  Many are available, such as spin speed, gentle cycles, and desired cycle length. 

  • Cotton, linen, or normal: Higher spin speeds and average cycle lengths
  • Permanent press or casual: Average or slightly slower spin speeds
  • Colors: Cold wash and rinse temperatures
  • Quick or speed wash: Hot water and less time in the wash cycle
  • Delicates, hand-wash, or wool: Cold water wash and rinse, plus spin slower or not at all
  • Pre-soak: Pause for a certain time during the wash cycle between filling the machine and starting agitation
  • Bulky or heavy: Slower spin cycle
  • Sanitize: Hottest water available during the wash cycle

Dryers can have their own settings as well.

  • Moisture sensors in the dryer automatically stop the cycle to prevent over-drying and shrinking.
  • Steam refresh relaxes wrinkles and removes odors between washes.
  • Express dry cycles use large blowers for increased airflow so laundry dries faster.


Spring CleaningWater efficiency is measured by how efficiently the machine spends its energy. Most washers and dryers on the market today are already ENERGY STAR® qualified, but you can also check with the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE).  The CEE lists tiers based on a machine's Modified Energy Factor and Water Factor. The more efficient the unit and less water it uses, the higher its tier.  

For dryers, you can consider installing a dryer-vent booster to increase efficiency and the life of your machine. You can also opt for one that has a cool-down cycle, a moisture sensor that tells the dryers when to shut off, and a damp-dry cycle. For drying items like shoes, some dryers also have a tumble-free cycle.

TIP: Check your dryer hookups before you buy. Are they gas or electric? If you currently have electric, you want to be sure and buy an electric dryer. If you currently have gas, you want to be sure and by a gas dryer. If you want to change your dryer's fuel source (electric to gas and vice versa), you should seek the help of a professional contractor.

Ready to start shopping?  Head into your local Marvin's and check out our appliance selection.  See you soon!