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Projects Made EasyProjects Made Easy

Projects Made Easy is Marvin's way of helping you find simple answers to your home improvement questions. Several guides or product lists are listed below. If you have an idea for a guide or solution you would like to see on included on our website, e-mail us and let us know. Projects Made Easy is just another way we are making it simple for you.

open paint cans

Marvin's Inspiration Guides

laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring Installation

flushing toilet

Standard Toilets 101

porch swing

Porch and Floor Painting

air filter from air conditioner

Home Air Filtration Maintenance

planting shrub

Planting Shrubs

porch swing

It's Grow Time - Planting Tips

air filter from air conditioner

Paint The Town - Painting Tips


All Decked Out - Decking Materials

Lovely Landscaping

Lovely Landscaping - Mower Guide

Power Through

Power Through - Power Equipment

Building a Concrete Patio

Build a Concrete Patio

Power Through

Outdoor Oasis

Collect Rain Water

Fight The Drought


Herbicides - Weed Control

More Projects Made Easy At Marvin's Coming Soon!